Shaul baz


Shaul Baz was born and grew up in kibutz mishmar-ha'emek in the jezreel valley in the northern  part of Israel.
Over the years,he studied various disciplines of
 art- on the years 1982-83 in 'Avni' art school,
Tel-aviv, on the years 1988-90 with the artist Jan Rauchverger in his home and on the years 2000-02 with the artist Leonid Balaklav..
He lives with his wife and two boys in Jerusalem and works in a bronze foundry.
1983 - The Hasimta theater gallery, Jaffa.
1995 - Nofar art gallery, Tel-aviv.
2004 - Café ta'amon gallery, Jerusalem..
2010 - Amiad gallery, Jaffa- group exhibition.
2011 - Elrov boulevard mamila, Jerusalem- group  
2011 - Jerusalem house of quality.
2012 -  Jerusalem cinematheque gallery.
2012 - Castell museum- group exhibition.
2012 - Gavriel house- group exhibition.
2013 - the gallery in the scots hotel Tiberias.
2013 - Elrov boulevard mamila, Jerusalem- group exhibition.
2014 - Elrov boulevard mamila, Jerusalem- group exhibition.